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    Rules in Game

    Post  Admin on Thu Dec 27, 2007 2:20 pm

    1. Respect always all clan members, and NEVER flame with leaders.

    You are free to desagree with something, and have your own opinion. That is good, and help us improve our clan. But do it with RESPECT and GOOD SENSE.

    2. Never annoy or boring the others because you want items, full drops or anything else.

    Our clan is composed by members who sweat alot to have what have today, created dwarfs, spoil items, craft them self armors and wepons.
    We help who put the materials, parts and recipes in the clan warehouse, but it is impossible to help all at same time.
    We give priority to those who store more things, and play more time and level up faster.
    Post in forum, inside the private clan section what you need to your char.

    3.Wen we do clan party, you deposit in clan warehouse or give it to some leader, all full drops.

    All of us need help to armor and weapon. In this way, the clan have items to give for anyone who need it.
    This rule is aplicable to ALL YOUR CHARS.
    Full drops, parts (B, A and S grade only), recipes, basic mats, and enchants.

    4. Dont randrom pk.

    If you want war with some clan, we can do it... BUT NOT WITH ALL SERVER!
    We dont provoke any one without reason, but if we are provoked by someone we give the appropriate response.

    5. We dont flame in GLOBAL CHAT.

    If someone do it with you calling newbie, cheater or anything else, you dont need to give response.
    You are superior to him, so the only way he have to try get you down, is flaming and figure like a clown to everyone who read it. Dont do the same figure.

    6. You CANNOT be in two clans at same time!

    Is impossible you be active player in one clan or another, and help clan improvment.
    Only exception is dwarfs and buffers. All your 2nd chars are welcome to "sub" clans what liders have created with dwarfs to store more items. Is more easy too keep contact in game, and make some jobs.

    7. If any member of clan need to stay out game more than 3 days for personal reazons, you need to advise the leaders or post it on forum.

    Post on forum alow you have some facility if you have a "pc acident" and dont have way to enter on game. So has well the others know you are out and they dont winning about were are you and what happen with you.
    This cut alot of problems and rule breakers.
    If you dont do it, you need to give a sactisfatory explanation to clan leaders a.s.a.p. with intention on dont get a big kick out of clan. If you already have be kicked, and you have a plausible reazon to your fault, the leaders going avaliate the situation.

    8. If any one want leave the clan, give some satisfation to clan leaders.

    This isnt any jail or mariage!!! You can leave the clan wen you want, just show some respect to the leaders who work so much for you, and the other clan members.
    If you have anything what belongs to clan, dont be a scamer or thief. Give it back before you leave!

    9. You MUST use voice program.

    This improve alot the way how we play in team. If you dont have headsets BUY IT!
    Inside the private section have more instructions about the program we use, and how connect it.
    No excuses!

    10. You must read and agree with this rules before join HiredGoons.

    If you dont agree with rules, dont join us.
    If you already are clan member and dont agree, you are free to go.

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